Settimo Velo

Settimo Velo

The unique Levi designed Settimo Velo that was owned by Russell Attwood has once again
changed hands and is now owned by Mike Williams.

Mike has certainly not wasted any time in moving this project forward and we hope he will be able
to bring this beautiful craft to the Classic Rally in AUGUST.

Mike has his own facebook entry where you can follow progress of the rebuild.
Go to: and give him
every support possible as he
brings this Levi boat back to life.

P.S. A SETTIMO VELO was entered in the 1962 COWES TORQUAY with a turtle deck and also the cabin
boat SPUMANTE was an SV.

Settimo Velo means 7 veils

Settimo Velo Settimo Velo
Settimo Velo Settimo Velo