Don Shead Planatec

Don Shead Planatec

Once upon a time… there was a Class 1 powerboat owned by a gentleman by the name
of Bobby Buchanan-Michelson, the craft was called HOT OMELETTE A 34FT Avenger with 1100hp Mercruisers.
Its season got off to a reasonably good start with Mr B-M making quite an impression, But there was
trouble in store for Hot Omelette in its bright yellow and red racing livery, one of the stern drives
ripped out during a race and she sank! When recovered her condition was very poor and the resilient
Mr B-M returned with a new Shead Designed Planatec hull, called ABO (Another Bloody Omelette). ABO
was entered in the ’74 Cowes Torquay powered by 2 Mercruisers rated at 1300hp and the same Red and
Yellow livery , she unfortunately retired after 10 miles with engine problems. In ‘75 ABO returned as
RADIO RENTALS with Tim Powell driving and Mr B-M as crew, she finished the race in 5th

"ABO" 1974 Photo courtesy Graham Stevens.

In 1976 there was no sign of Mr B-M or ABO/Radio Rentals but she reappeared again in 1977 with
John Cunningham and was now called MACHO unfortunately she retired at Torquay with a blown head

"Macho" 1977 Photo courtesy Graham Stevens.

In 1978 ABO / RADIO / MACHO reappeared as BALLERINA again with Mr CUNNINGHAM this time retiring
at Anvil Point. 1979 A/R/M/B FAILED TO APPEAR! but was back again in 1980 with a new owner a MR
WALKER but did not compete in the Cowes Race nor again in ’81, ’82 or ’83.

"Ballerina" 1980 Photo courtesy Graham Stevens.

In 1984 she was back again as DOUBLE TWO SHIRTS with new owner Tim hill and powered now by 2 Sabre
Diesels at 1000hp, Old ABO now took on a different view on racing, in that years Cowes Classic she
finished 4th overall , it seems she liked her new Sabres!

"Double 2 Shirts" 1984 Photo courtesy Graham Stevens.

1985 and the Cowes Torquay included a 1 hr stop for refuelling at Torquay, Double Two was up the
front again battling for honours with Ray McEnhill’s OUTSIDER and it was all worth she finished second
in the race and first in OP2. In 1986 ABO still with Tim Hill returns with a new sponsor FOLLETT CARS
and becomes a popular entry with the spectators and yet again after years in the doldrums she beats
some big names to come home 5th and again win OP2! Maybe it was all getting too much for
the old girl for 1987 was another retirement, still she showed her metal and was she was good she was
very good! Which is why with yet another change of ownership to Roger Fletcher and a new name REJUGA,
she competed in the 88 CTC against some of the big names in the sport and still made it home
11th overall and 5 OP2. Not bad for a 13 year old boat!

"Follett Cars" 1986 Photo courtesy Graham Stevens.

She was up to her old tricks again in 1989 repeating a previous years placing 5th
overall and 1st OP2 and beating in the process a very nice CUV called FOLLETT CARS !

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Dear Members and friends 

You have probably all heard by now of the sad passing of our founder John Iddon….without whose foresight our club would not have come into existence.. John was adamant that the club would lead the way back to powerboating as we knew it in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s…with friendship and sportsmanship at its heart…how sad that just recently his wish seems to be on the verge of becoming fact again…..John was powerboating …he built them , raced them and scrutineered them .  He knew the sport inside out …one of the back room boys so often overlooked…we have lost a good friend and mentor…


The Late John.K.Iddon.
As many of you will have heard, John Iddon passed away last Sunday morning, 5th November, peacefully at home, aged 90.
I now have details for his funeral, which will take place on WEDNESDAY, 6th DECEMBER at 1245hours.
The Funeral is to be at The East Hampstead Crematorium, South Road, Nine Mile Ride (B3430), WOKINGHAM, RG40 3DW
Following the cremation, the wake will be held nearby at East Hampstead Conference Centre, off Peacock Lane, WOKINGHAM,
RG40 3DF
 All are welcome …lets give him a hero’s farewell…
Mike James
Vice President  COPC
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