Cowes Classic 1962

1962 - The Wind Blows In!
Cowes Classic - International Offshore Powerboat Race - 1962 - HSL Tramontana
By 1962 barely 12 months after the inaugural race, the Cowes to Torquay had established itself as the Worlds Premier Offshore Race with an entry list of 42 boats for the second staging of the event.

Entries came from Italy, the USA, Norway and of course Britain. The rulebook remained the same as the previous year with some minor tweaks but little did anyone know the extent to which they would be utilised by the winning boat the mighty “Tramontana” with her twin CRM’s producing 2308 hp! Lessons were learnt and would be applied the following year but it was again a British victory. Millionaire sportsman Dick Wilkins and the Vosper designed and built mini MTB romped home in weather that suited the 42ft monster leaving the fleet floundering in her wake.

Read the full reports and remember that this magnificent boat is now a crumbling derelict near Anzio Italy, such an ignominious end to what was the spectator’s favourite!


Cowes Classic 1961

1961 - The Legend Begins

To celebrate the 50th running of the Cowes Torquay or as it is now known the "Cowes Classic"
I thought it would be interesting to compile details of that first race way back in 1961.
Notice the very early entry list and the hand typed details, where would we be now without our PC’s?.
Entry number 35 is an interesting one in a few more years his designs would be conquering the world at the
sports highest level…Mr Don Shead.
Notice also the Stewards of the Meeting includes one Donald Campbell CBE.

Cowes Classic 1961