Freebooter 1973
Spica 1971
Cinzano 2008
Thunderbolt Poster
Maltese Magnum II 1968

Maid of Baltimore 1970

Saving the past for the Future

Welcome to 2018…… 

a new year and some famous craft  are back in restoration but will we see them this year?…but the biggest talking point this new season is the split of the modern powerboat racers from the RYA….which has sent shock waves through the sport whilst at the same time producing more Offshore races in one year than has been seen for a very long time….

the only way to find out more is to keep watching us and of course you can now follow COPC on FACEBOOK…..

There are some interesting events in planning and THE CLASSIC RALLY on COWES CLASSIC weekend could be one of the best yet as there will be a joint Levi TRIANA celebration in conjunction with the rally…

Most importantly if you own a classic from the past let us know….she does not have to have race history!..just be of an age when style dominated. But most importantly you do not have to own a boat to be part of the COPC family just be someone who cares for the past, remembers an era when powerboating was king and the Cowes Torquay Race ruled the world….

Join us today and take a trip down memory lane with like minded friends.

Mike James           Vice President