Ocean 25

Good news that one of the Ocean 25’s that recently surfaced is undergoing a full restoration and will hopefully appear at the Classic Rally.

BRUCE CAMPBELL demonstrating original OCEAN 25

Believed to be originally called Ocean Raker the Halmatic built 25 footer is owned by Simon Britt of Emsworth..currently she is undergoing a repaint and interior refurbishement. The Ocean 25 was a replacement for the Campbell Christina and appeared in 2 styles the early one being a rather plain jane as above being tested by Bruce Campbell on the Thames….the cabin design was later revised and upgraded resulting in a smart modern cruiser. It is this model that Simon has and looking at his recent pictures is in a relatively good condition. We look forward to seeing the finished example at the end of Simons hard work.

Simon Britt’s series 2 OCEAN 25 prior to repaint

the interior that is awaiting the revamp……