Graham Goodchild

Recently I received an email from Graham asking if I would like to see some items he had from his long years in the boatbuilding world. Graham had worked for some big names ie: Morgan Giles with whom he served his apprenticeship, Fairey Marine and Tremlett’s…not only did he work for these companies he also found time to design and build his own small multi purpose cruiser the little Potwalloper…2 of the items Graham sent were unique insights into Morgan Giles history and pictures of the last boat down the slip prior to the closure of the company. It is impossible to reproduce those here but selected pictures are and the unique Tremlett brochure. If it were not for people like him who carefully save and value such items we would have little history to refer to. A big thank you from us all to people like Graham.

Below a selection of photo’s gleaned from his collection..

The Tremlett Brochure

The young Graham, below the POTWALLOPER

Morgan Giles History