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With interest in the “Classic” boat movement picking up I thought it an ideal time to start a hunt for all those “missing” boats that someone “last heard of at so and so” or was “last seen on the Medway” etc. You must all have had your favourite over the years, I was very lucky to find mine but others have been hunting for years! Take club founder John Iddon and his son John jnr they have been looking for the Seahunter “MOODY BLUE” which was powered by a Holman Moody Ford or any of their other raceboats which might be “for sale”!

The Seahunter ..Justin Thyme



Another boat which constantly comes up in conversation is Thunderbird/UFO ex Merrick Lewis and Tim Powell’s mount in the first Round Britain Race…again last heard of near Brighton?

Then you get the lucky breaks such as the day club secretary Martin Napier was in Lymington and spotted the 1962 entry Belinda 2 built by Britannia Plastics in Southampton but now restored by club member Jeremy  Pack who was totally unaware of her history. We know many boats lose their identity such as the moster that was Thunderstreak or Claudia 2/ Broad Jumper with a cabin disguising her history but she was spotted and is now back in the States…Where is Telstar’s sister Melodrama? again last heard of in a poor condition “somewhere on the South Coast”!

What happened to Flying Jackie?

or indeed Jackie S..


Those early years had a multitude of distinctive boats all if surviving now unique venerable old ladies looking for a good home ….start the ball rolling send me your request and lets see what we can prise out of the woodwork!