Feeling Blue!

In 1962 Dick Bertram and Sam Griffith appeared at Cowes with the latest Bertram 31 racehull powered by twin Holman and Moody Fords totalling 800hp, the boat was of course Blue Moppie, one of the most famous names from the Bertram race stable.

In the race she was of course up against the mighty Tramontana and finished 2nd, several owners and years later she ended up in the hands of Sportscar racer and Le Mans specialist John Willment at his Hamble boatyard.

Roll forward 50 years and what do we find nestling alongside the tree’s at Universal Marine Hamble but a very sad looking blue and white Bertram hull….Blue Moppie in a totally stripped out state and in desperate need of help.

Mark’s Photo’s

40 years ago these photo’s taken by Mark Raybould show an intact hull at John Willment’s yard, what happened since these photo’s were taken one can only summise but she then appeared at the now defunct Basildon Museum, Blue was reclaimed by its owner when it closed and is now awaiting her fate. A year ago it was proposed that she was going to be restored but this has not happened…..are we to lose yet another of the famous names from the early years of the Cowes Torquay?

Blue Moppie update….19/7/12  

After delving deeper into the background of this craft it has been confirmed she is in private ownership with the intention to restore. I have ascertained that the owner is not English and am awaiting contact with him to find out more details..More to follow! plus photo’s of her taken last year……and here they are.

  thanks to Paulene and Ian Saunders for the pictures.