I am researching the 1961 Cowes Torquay Race and would be very interested to receive any information, pictures or even gossip about the entries, and what became of them.
In particular, the boats that did not start, where nothing at all is known.

1 Huntsman No 8 – Huntsman, B Butlin/ P Twiss, retired, believed lost
2 Santa Rosa – non starter, nothing known
3 Thunderbolt – Christina 25, T E B Sopwith, winner, restored, in service Hamble
4 Coralie – Christina 23, D G Hawkins, out of time, present whereabouts unknown
5 Contango A – Christina 25, P Raymond, retired, awaiting restoration
6 Christina – Christina 25, B Campbell, 4th, possibly became Lobster Thermidor, present whereabouts unknown
7 Anglesey – Pochins, U Fox, retired, believed lost
8 Carronade – Force 8, LtCol C R Kindersley, retired, present whereabouts unknown
9 Juniper – Force 8, V Smith, non starter, present whereabouts unknown
10 Thunderbird – Prout catamaran, R & F Prout, retired, present whereabouts unknown
11 Geranium II – Taylor 40, Mrs K J Hobson, 5th, present whereabouts unknown
12 Monaco Fortuna – Monaco, Cpt M Morgan-Giles, 10th, present whereabouts unknown
14 Gay Gazelle – Cox&Haswell 40, S C Macey, 9th, present whereabouts unknown
15 Yo-Yo – Bertram 25, J R Wynne, 2nd, present whereabouts unknown
16 A’Speranziella – Levi 30, R Levi, 6th, being restored
17 Paprika – Rayner 30, P S Lane, non starter, nothing known
18 Snowgoose of Sarum – Shakespeare, H L Curtis, retired, lost
19 Huricain – Venables, A W Venables, retired, nothing known
20 Maid of Baltimore – Huntress 23, J B Drake, non starter, in service Fleetwood
21 Hunt 34 – Port Hamble, D Sessions, 8th, present whereabouts unknown
22 Kanita – Monaco, E G Dawes, out of time, present whereabouts unknown
23 Ianthe – Westcraft, H R Read, out of time, present whereabouts unknown
24 Jaginthebox – Eckford, J W H Wells, non starter, nothing known
25 Camelot – Force 8, K W Milligan, non starter, present whereabouts unknown
26 Bella – Ancas, F E Carvill, retired, nothing known
27 Diesel Huntsman – Huntsman, C Currey, 3rd, believed lost
28 Grayling – James&Caddy, S Ryland, retired, nothing known
29 Aristocrat – Acqua Craft, H Clark, retired, nothing known
30 Vantage – Nelson, J Dupree, out of time, present whereabouts unknown
31 Yeomana III – Nelson, O Aisher, out of time, present whereabouts unknown
32 Lady Eve – Bulger, R R Somerville, non starter, nothing known
33 Sandra Spencer – Bell Woodwork, J H Byles, retired, nothing known
34 Channel Crusader – Jennercraft, A V Gledhill, non starter, nothing known
35 Blue Marlin – Force 8, D Watson, retired, present whereabouts unknown
36 Lazy Doll – Ranger 25, A Charlesworth, non starter, nothing known
37 Per Chance III – Owens, P R Parson, non starter, nothing known
88 Glass Moppie – Bertram 31, S Griffith, retired, present whereabouts unknown
39 Explorer – non starter, nothing known

I am also interested in any information about some early registrations of interest which failed to materialise as entries a month later. . .

Sequin 18’6″ – J A Sizer, Yeovil
Tod Tuna 20 – D J A Dale, Torbay Marine
Hurricane 36 – D Wickins,Farnham
Hurricane 36 – Sir R Hobart
Rayner 37’6″ – A J Leonard (Park Gates Marine)
unknown – S Handel, London NW6
Ranger 25 – I Scott Watson, Berwick
unknown – G Maude, Stockport
unknown – E Smith Morris (Island Marine)
unknown – Hepburn Yacht Company, Chertsey
Jennercraft – D B Millbank, Norwich
Cresta Craft – C D Harris, Cresta Craft, Langley
Tod Tuna 20 – K Bogeberg (W & J Todd), Weymouth
Coronet 22 – J Major, Harrow
unknown – H C Notley, Whitstable
Freeman Cruiser – John Freeman Ltd, Hinkley
Christina – T Adams
Christina – M Broadhead
Ranger 25 – Dell Quay Yacht Yard
Avon 20 – Power Marine, Gatwick
Huntress 23 – C T Miller, Sandwich
Merker, Chriscraft or Bertram 31 – Dr O Trost, Dusseldorf
unknown – Harrop, Petersfield
Tod 20 – Booch (Fare Lee Motors Ltd)
unknown – Denby’s Holdings Ltd, Birmingham
Amberjack II (36’) – R Sale, Hollywood, USA
unknown – J Kinman, Waasenaar, Holland
unknown – Dawes, R T Y C, Torquay
unknown – Cdr W B Luard, Falmouth
unknown – Tobiasen, Oslo
Can’t Wait II – T W Kaufman, Carrollton USA
22’ Sport Fisherman – R Somerville, Portsmouth
unknown – Bud Schraeder, Niagara Falls, USA
unknown – W Austin, Barton-on-sea
unknown – B Hodgson, Bedford

Again, any information is welcome, even “Oh wasn’t that the chap who . . ” can provide useful leads!

Many thanks for your time in reading this
Charles Lawrence

Bill Shand Kydd…footnote

A grovelling apology in my haste to assemble the article I neglected to include Bill Shand Kydd’s other racer “CIGARILLO” which he raced with the Hon Maxwell Beaverbrook…I am also informed that he also crewed for Sir Max aboard Gypsy Girl in 1970….Cigarillo finished 6th in the Gale force 1971 race.

My thanks to Maxwell Lord Beaverbrook for spotting the error of my ways.


Mr Mike Lloyd has issued an invitation to owners of suitable Classic Craft that may be interested in participating in this event…Fairey, Triana, Bertram etc etc……many of these craft have done well in the past how about it gentlemen? it is not a race but a chance to show what a good oldie can do!

Bill Shand Kydd

As reported on our Facebook pages (I was unable to access Classic Offshore) Bill Shand Kydd passed away just after Christmas.     Wallpaper heir Shand Kydd first came to prominence in the offshore scene in 1963 in partenership with Keith Schellenberg and the famous Blue Moppie finishing second to Sonny Levi and A’Speranziella in the 1963 CT.

The  following year he returned with a brand new Formula 233, “Lucinda” where he finished in 4th place behind much bigger more powerful craft and beating brother- in- law, Lord Lucan, who finished 6th in an identical craft.

In 1965 he returned with another Aronow build the Donzi 28 Lucy Too and became the hero of the day when in the rough conditions she took a rogue wave which ripped off the pulpit and bent a shaft, undaunted they returned to Hamble fitted a new shaft and then set off in pursuit of the fleet gradually working their way up to and finishing in 8th place. He was officially disqualified for seeking outside assistance but was unanimously reinstated by fellow competitors for such a heroic performance against all odds.

He reverted to racing Lucinda again in ’66 but failed to start in the CT. A new boat appeared in 1967 the very powerful Magnum, Ultimatum with a single Daytona pumping out 500hp but he retired at Southsea.

She was raced again in 68 but again retired after battling with Sopwith in Telstar. This was the last year Bill raced after several back injuries put pay to his involvement in the sport.

Of course he is also remembered as a winning Steeplechaser, Horse Breeder and jockey of repute from his base near Leighton Buzzard and it was a fall from a horse which resulted in him spending the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair. COPC would like to extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Christina and children Lucinda and Casper…..

Footnote: despite his injuries Bill continued a hell raiser lifestyle and raised over a million for Spinal Research through various daredevil escapades including a Sky Dive complete with respirator!……