Last Sunday Robin Ward was out in the Solent trialing Thunderstreak after some prop alterations, she was in the company of Paul Hoopers “Le Scarron” and Ben Curtis with “Playtime” (ex Diesel Huntsman) plus for the first time on the water the ex Tommy Sopwith Kevlar Avenger 21…….the Avenger by the way is for sale whilst Thunderstreak is the subject of ongoing remodelling after her restoration.

October Specials

It has been quite an interesting month boat wise..firstly renewed interest in the Mike Bellamy designed HTS 2 which hopefully subject to inspection and being restorable may find a new owner …then an Avenger 34 believed to be the old RED RUM appeared on ebay as a restoration project…I am trying to find out if she was sold..the auction has ended but shows no conclusion!

….then a group of racers including Mike Bontoft, Chris Toll and others arranged a visit to Swindon to view Surfury and received some positive comments from the NMM representative

….it seems the interest in Classic Boating of the OFFSHORE variety is simmering under the surface..what else is happening perhaps you would like to keep us infromed if you know..please contact any of the committee members with any information gathered and let us support the movement better… Thanks Mike

More on Surfrider…..

Whats in a name?…greed by the looks of it ! having discovered that she is an ex race winner the price has shot up to an incredible $100,000.00…and there is more to her background..

Surfrider was purchased by current owner in 1972 from the Mexican government after it was confiscated for drug running. In the early eighties the last owner was using the boat in the Puget Sound and fitted new twin turbo 454s because there were no parts for the Daytonas. The boat was painted white over the light blue and number 66, a new windshield was added, and thru hull exhaust was lowered to in the water. Very cool and interesting boat history that many over here have never heard of.

Then you see some of the “brokers” pictures and obviously madness prevails!!!