That reminds me….

With the news that SURFRIDER has survived although in desperate need of a saviour, the other famous Bertram, Sam Griffith’s very own BLUE MOPPIE raced with Dick Bertram is languishing still at Universal Marine on the Hamble and we must now wonder if the prototype Glass Moppie rebuilt by Max Aitken with cabin is also still in existance…these Bertram 31’s were built like the proverbial brickhouse and the list of survivors is growing…Ultra Violet in the CI’s, Bertie ex Damian in Yarmouth,Thunderstreak 90% restored so where are the others including also Chasseur?

Flying boats!…..

I can fly, I can fly….. I can fly!!!!

I suppose when you have BA’s top pilot on board this sort of thing will happen?…seem to remember a similar shot when Jonathan’s Miss Daisy also took to the air..does he have levitation abilities?

Photographer unknown….

Levi Trophy

From the left Barry Sales, Charles and Mike James Commodore COPC

As previously announced Charles Lawrence was awarded the Levi Trophy at the Classic Rally in Cowes ….with his unique publications on the history of classic boats, their builders and their racing pedigree plus the magnificent recent publication documenting Fairey Marine he was judged a worthy winner by the gathered audience on the Saturday afternoon of the Rally and we look forward to his next publication with great interest….well done Charles keep up the good work!


In this modern age when so much clutter gets thrown out it is heartening to find that “history ” means a lot to some people. Take the Toll family for instance… Ian is famous for his boatbuilding and racecraft as is brother Tony, this has been inherited by Christian, part of the Dry Martini team and it seems the earlier you start the better…Christian has sent us a file of rare pics which include Ian’s SHARK 37, Tony’s ex Khashoggi Cigarette Adnania, Tim Powells Breathless,The Cougar Lethal Magic ex Richard Carr and how to train for your future as a powerboat racer . Here is a sample of the collection which I will get on site when possible. Also I have also been sent an enormous file of Ian’s Sidewinder the Magnum 27 that he has spent 4 years and an undislosed sum restoring that will appear in restorations soon.  Thank you Christian for sharing these unique pieces of history with everyone.



You have to start young !

Young Tony in training

RMYC Prizegiving



If a trophy were to be awarded for enthusiasm you needed to look no further than the Hiskins Family whose 2 sons were during the course of the Rally at Cowes rigging, checking and testing their two aquisitions…Classic Phantoms!! even Dad and Mum ventured out into the Solent to try out the boats…..although the engine was devouring fuel at a great rate! see you next year guys


We have received the following from COPC member Robin Ward owner of THUNDERSTREAK

I would like to congratulate the Dry Martini and HTS crews on finishing the CTC race this year.
Unfortunately Thunderstreak was not ready on time despite long hours and help from many people.
Lets get some more boats out there next year (its not as dificult as you may think!) Get a licence and make the effort!
Well done everyone!
ps- if anyone wants help to restore their wooden boat I know a good guy

Glory at last

After 2 years of hard work and developement the old warhorse HTS in the hands of owner Nick Wilkinson has finally completed the CT TC…..COPC would like to congratulate the team who worked hundred of hours to ensure the project eventually came to fruition, achieving a finish.

Photo courtesy Tim Tapping

At the same time congratulations are also due to Mike Bontoft and his team for taking the THUNDERBOLT TROPHY again by winning the Historic Class at the weekends race…..but with all the good news coming through we must spare a thought for Robin Ward who battled desperately to get THUNDERSTREAK ready for the race only to be beaten by a multitude of problems,  we are sure that Robin will pull out all the plugs to ensure she is on the line next year……

The beast that is “THUNDERSTREAK”

Lets hope that there will be some new entries in this class to show the modern racers that there is plenty of life left in their ancestors yet!

Classic Rally

Success and disappointment over Rally weekend… and losers all rated the Rally a big hit..and despite another wild, wet and windy start on Friday everything came together thanks to the planners Ben Curtis and Paul Hooper…thank you guys…start planning for next year!.

A full report will appear shortly….