Another gem of information discovered today…in 1961 YO YO the bright yellow Bertram 25 raced by Wynne and Bill McKeown was the wooden prototype for the production run of GPR 25’s

Credit where credit is due!

Whilst doing research into a boat designed by Jim Wynne and Walt Walters it has become obvious that there are many errors made in the world of journalism with the wrong people taking credit for others talent and skills….. it has in the process turned heroes into lesser men…and thrown into confusion historical facts we have all taken for granted. I now realise how Graham Stevens must feel and having been caught up in misunderstandings myself know how very carefully one must tread when “facts become fiction and fiction facts…..it seems we all feed on information without checking the truth behind it!..in this instance in the WYNNE WALTERS partnership WALT WAS THE DESIGNER , JIM WAS THE DRIVER, ENGINEER AND PUBLICITY PERSONALITY…..I am glad the facts are now set straight…

Maritime Museum

Whilst in Cornwall on family business I had a chance to visit the NMM at Falmouth and was surprised how small it was and a little disappointing! Very few powercraft there! 4 actually, 3 hydroplanes and one Albatross Continental all suspended on cables…..but tucked in the back under restoration was a Stapley /Tremlett, MERLIN 2….In the outer hall there was a giant Wessex Helicopter (AIR SEA RESCUE) and my mind went back to the Surfury saga if they could get that in here why not the big S….then I checked the entrance door to what could have been one of the most significant museums in the country….8ft wide by 15ft high…”what a waste” someone really c*ck*d up there!