She is back in UK

After years spent in a Spanish shipyard unloved and unwanted Plymouth boat builder Dan Stevens returned her to the UK under her own power and plans full restoration-Virgin Atlantic Challenger II

The Virgin Atlantic Challenger II returned home this weekend as it entered the Plymouth Sound, the first time the boat had sailed through British waters in 16 years Stevens and his crew were welcomed in by scores of onlookers.

He admits he is mad!

Following on from the excellent news that Sonny Levi’s big A is in safe hands for future restoration comes more Levi news…..Adrian Mott has sold his little Levi the Delta 25  “Sheherazade” and has moved up market in a big way…in his own words..”I have lost all sense of reason”!…and what has replaced the DELTA?….. a Levi designed….RIVA 2000 with 1050hp no less emitted by 3 7.4 ltr THERMO ELECTRON CRUSADERS!…having been in storage for 6 years Adrian has much work to do but with the Classic Rally fast approaching I am sure he is working hard to ensure she is there……

Another day another Classic

Have just been contacted by Jeff Childs who owns a very interesting Rapier/Cox Haswell/Pegasus design Spectrum One….built on the same hull design as FOXY but with an open cockpit and rear cabin..although she currently sports wheelhouse…Jeff wants to take her back to original spec and asked if there was any race history (no as far as I can see). Lets hope Jeff joins the club and brings this stunning boat to the rallies. I have also put him in touch with the C&H site.

Starring Role in The Man from…..

A film production company has contacted me regarding their requirement for an early sixties raceboat to star in a new film…..The boat must be circa 1961/62/63 I will be forwarding pictures of suitable craft then they will make their choice/choices and it will then be up to negotiatons between owner/s and the company to agree financial requirements. Please contact me asap if you would like to be put forward. They will also be attending the Classic Rally!

The film is……”The Man from Uncle” and shooting starts late summer it will now be starring “Man of Steel” Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo instead of Tom Cruise..the film will be shot in period ……oh! by the way a lorry crashes onto the powerboat!!! …..fear not it will be a mock up!



HTS still a winner…and Cinzano!

It may have stumbled along but it started and finished as required despite bad weather and other obstacles the VENTURE CUP PROLOGUE has produced some interesting results.





Which just goes to prove you cannot beat an old ‘un..hearty congratulations to everyone..not the entry list hoped for but there are still racers out there who love the sport despite its lack of authoritive backing. Well done everyone organisers, helpers and of course participants.

Monaco Mercury

Firstly apologies for the name mix up she is MONACO MERCURY…This resulted from early race reports which had the wrong name against  race no’s for Morgan Giles entries in 1963..but thanks to Grahams Archive and cross referencing this is the correct boat…Owner Bob Foster obtained her as a hull only and has rebuilt the cabin and wheelhouse in 60’s style but still has much work to do..MM was the only Morgan Giles build to incorporate spray rails and it was this plus a conversation with an ex employee which started the ball rolling and Bob asking questions. Monaco Mercury was part of a 3 strong entry in 1963 that included Meteor, a 41 footer and Monaco Susan…Mercury finished the race in 9th place . The distinctive hull and the location of the engine vents confirm the boat and the fact that the boat was rebuilt with cabin after racing but the internals did not match the standard Monaco design…all confusing Bob who thought he had a standard Monaco hull.

the following pictures tell their own story..lets wish Bob good luck with his restoration.


Another survivor?

Subject to receiving photographs and double checking it is possible that Monaco Mercury has fact the owner checked with a past Morgan Giles employee seven years back regarding his boat to be told they only produced one hull with spray rails and that was MM…I am awaiting  response from the owner his location etc….


Ready for the Off!

2 days and counting, COPC would like to wish every success to Nick Wilkinson, his team and HTS PERKINS on their big adventure…..she looks every bit a winner!