Provenance and proof

When adverts like this appear everyone starts jumping to conclusions..usually the wrong ones…..she may well be CHRISTINA…. BUT….her name was changed to Lobster Thermidor in 1962…and was last heard of in the late 80’s in Poole then Keyhaven and all boats built before sale to customers were the property of Bruce Campbell.

This beautiful Christina, named “Christina”, is believed to be the boat originally owned by Bruce Campbell. She underwent a 6 year full restoration by the shipwright at Souters yard in the Isle of Wight in the 1980’s. I have owned her for 18 years and she has recently been re-painted, re-wired and re-engined with a Sabre Perkins 225TI. She has teak decks, teak hatches and the original curved windscreen. She has a white hull with a dark blue band at the top of the hull. She comes with a stainless steel frame for a bimini canvas cover and also has a full wet weather protective cover. Please contact me by email or or phone 07712189444 thank you

 Then we have this item which was sent to me when we listed missing boats…Hi mike just looking down the lists of old missing powerboats and recognised this one, my father bought this boat which had the jag engines in it and when we got her someone had put a 180hp ford sabre in with a velvet drive box and we finished building the boat down at Cobb’s Quay, had to reskin the transom which looked like it had been shot at also all new floors rudder prop shaft instrument’s etc etc. always remember the first start up filling the marina with smoke and upsetting the guy behind in a sailing boat, the colour was the usual blue and white, kept the boat for a while going to France and channel islands, was moored at Keyhaven will see if I can get pictures. regards nickgtd40     I wish we could find this boat as she is the true contender to the CHRISTINA title  

If the boat advertised on Boats and Outboards is CHRISTINA / LOBSTER…. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO TELL she will have a final diagonal lamination on the hull bottom a la Thunderbolt..the only 2 boats built in such spec, there will be traces of the Burgundy colour she was painted originally and there will also be 3 large keel bearers running the length of the hull into the bow or remnants of the same which carried the twin Crusaders one of which was on Vdrive as Thunderbolt….. in the world of antiques there are many fakes and very few originals….in this case IT IS NOT “CHRISTINA” race no 4 but an early Walter Lawrence built  Christina 25 called Christina she has  an early spray rail configuration and not the Ray Hunt redesign…but she is another classic worth saving albeit a little expensive..



Lost but not forgotten

Our web site is being discovered by many people who remember the “old days” and people just browsing..this was the case with Guy who as an 8 year old went with his father to Souters to buy a Flying 15 and encountered Sir Max Aitkens newly built Gypsy Girl being prepared on the slip prior to testing and luckily took pictures of this unique craft. Of course she is no longer but in the back ground is Viva Tridante which is and has been the subject of a major rebuild.

Alto Volante

Back in August last year a very special Levi appeared on ebay, none other than the 27 Corsair based Alto Volante …then it was suddenly withdrawn from sale and vanished. We are now pleased to report that the owner has contacted the club and the craft will be sympathetically restored. The owner is John Hornsby and after a full appraisement of the hull and deck he will decide how best to progress although he will re engine to give a minimum 50 knots….she was of course fitted with twin Ford Interceptors totalling 800 hp. We wish John good luck and hope to see him at the AGM in April.

PS The “scaffolding” at the rear was added to carry surface props when she was known as Magic Dragon!