VC update 2

Event site and pit-area (wet & dry) opens at West India Dock, London
Scrutineering at Pits in West India Dock
LEG 1: Morning – Tower Bridge London to Brighton (approx. 170nm)
Mandatory stop of 1-hour minimum (fuel & basic maintenance)
To be considered a pit-stop, so boats can leave once 1-hour time completed
LEG 2: Afternoon – Brighton to Guernsey (approx. 160nm)
Lay day in Guernsey with local class racing & entertainment
LEG 3: Morning – Guernsey, around Channel Islands (including Guillot Passage) to Northern France (approx 150nm)
Mandatory stop of 1-hour minimum (fuel & basic maintenance)
To be considered a pit-stop, so boats can leave once 1-hour time completed
LEG 4: Afternoon – Northern France, around Channel Islands to Guernsey (approx 150nm)
LEG 5: Guernsey to finish-line at Bournemouth Pier (approx 160nm)
Various marks to be included to add ‘spice’
Final pits & extraction will be in Poole, followed by prize-giving and celebration

Entry list will be open from Thursday 31st of January.

As you are all aware, this event now has all our teams as the principal focus. We’re therefore working hard to find ways to provide additional assistance. There include:
– low cost fuel (Guernsey is one of the cheapest locations in Europe for fuel)
– accommodation deals in London, Guernsey and Poole
– transport deals to/from Guernsey
– logistics support to/from Guernsey
– additional practical supports to reduce overall costs of entering the event

This is still 100% going ahead, and looking more and more positive each day.

Venture Cup latest updates

Right everyone this is the latest news posted on the Facebook site today….      Venture Cup Prologue in June of 2013 is good to go. London, Brighton, Guernsey, Northern France, Bournemouth and Poole …get ready! Our Prologue race is the last big step before the BIG one in 2014.

I am awaiting confirmation of Dates. route. timings etc….the good news is that HTS will be there!

Ocean 25

Good news that one of the Ocean 25’s that recently surfaced is undergoing a full restoration and will hopefully appear at the Classic Rally.

BRUCE CAMPBELL demonstrating original OCEAN 25

Believed to be originally called Ocean Raker the Halmatic built 25 footer is owned by Simon Britt of Emsworth..currently she is undergoing a repaint and interior refurbishement. The Ocean 25 was a replacement for the Campbell Christina and appeared in 2 styles the early one being a rather plain jane as above being tested by Bruce Campbell on the Thames….the cabin design was later revised and upgraded resulting in a smart modern cruiser. It is this model that Simon has and looking at his recent pictures is in a relatively good condition. We look forward to seeing the finished example at the end of Simons hard work.

Simon Britt’s series 2 OCEAN 25 prior to repaint

the interior that is awaiting the revamp……

Venture Cup

Developements are taking place regarding the future of the planned marathon race for June this year…..Starting point London….taking in the Channel Islands..Northern France and the West Country with a possible finish in either Portsmouth or wait for it Cork, Ireland. The final destination will be the choice of the Competitor’s…more news as it happens!!!!


and Help again….

Also back in the mid 60’s Albert Figgins successful THUNDERFISH was one of three boats carrying the same name the original being the most famous with the Christina style cabin, The second as previously mentioned was sunk during the Miami Nassau, Thunderfish 2, due to the hull being constructed with too fragile a lamination in the search for speed…

the third was another identical hull that was never used this was light but of an extremely strong lamination. This was last known to be at Figgin’s premises in Bedhampton in the late 60’s, all 3 were Hunt/Christina style hulls and therefore as THUNDERFISH with her Dearborne’s proved extremely rapid. The unfinished hull probably forms the basis of a small cruiser or fishing boat her owner unaware of her history. Where might this hull be now? Anyone with information that may help please contact the club.


Information is sought of the whereabouts of Miss Delson / Missile of Wight/ POETS, the Class 2 Invader built and designed by Ken Raybould.

Monte Carlo….Bust

It looks as though the dream is over…..a sad end to what should have been one of the best “Races” ever! lets hope some sort of Phoenix can rise from the ashes of Mike Lloyd’s valiant efforts..although it does seem at last that the Powerboating world is waking up to the lack of “official” support it receives.

A fleet of 500 seemingly out control, colliding, Yacht’s can dominate the Solent for hours yet 40 offshore powerboats whose presence lasts barely 15 min’s are regarded as the dregs of the earth….time for a new “master” me thinks…….

More Classic’s

The old saying you wait for one then 2 come along is proving true again..not only has another Tolcraft turned up waiting to be restored by David Japp but another Halmatic Christina 25 is in the process of being refurbished


David’s plans for the Tolcraft belowTHIS


THIS….We await with interest and David is in touch with Ian Toll..

Venture Cup update

It is a case of will it ? won’t it ! after all the hard work and preparation put into staging the Venture Cup everything now hangs in limbo awaiting the outcome of a rescue plan being discussed by interested parties at the London Boat Show…if ever the modern day sport needed help this is the proof.

I may be wrong but wasn’t life was so much simpler back in the Sixties and Seventies?… the H&S brigade really screwed things up and maybe there other enemies at work here? We await the outcome with interest.