Help required

Can anyone help with the current location of the 24 ft Coronet “OH OH SEX” raced by Ole Botved and Anders Westerlund in ’66 ’67 and ’68 which then became Brian Jelly’s “Miss Smirnoff” for the ’69 season…..if she still survives that is….I seem to recall that someone said she went to South Africa but I may be wrong….please advise Martin Napier if you have any info , many thanks.

PS. she got her name when Ole Botved told the chap who was to paint her no on for the ’66 Miami Nassau, that it was 006 the Swedish for 6 is sex and the painter thought it was her name and duly applied so OH OH SEX she became!

More Thunder….

I recently had an email from “captainpugwash” who has an old Halmatic Ocean 25 which was the GRP version of the last Christina’s after Campbell’s demise…he is in the process of rebuilding her in the “old style” cabin which reminded me of a certain other Fibreglass Christina and our old friend Ken Raybould……if you check out the stern there you see a young Ken (26 yrs old) taking in the ’65 Miami sunshine prior to the M-N race…owner Bert Figgins and wife aboard with I believe Stan Norman…Thunderfish 2 was built much lighter in its construction, the hull failed and she sank in the ’66 race….


Well the end of another dramatic year and a sad one for some with the demise of the CMC…fingers crossed it can be saved in some form or other…..Also lets hope the planned inititives for racing in 2013 come to fruition. May I extend Best Wishes of the season to everyone on behalf of the COPC Committee and a Happy New Year to all.


Venture Cup

No… it was not inevitable, it could have and hopefully still will happen in June, though no doubt the knives will be drawn….although the person on the receiving end will not deserve it!.  Mike Lloyd is passionate about one thing, the sport of Offshore Powerboat Racing and he has over the past 5 years done everything possible to ensure it survives despite the gloom and doom mongers…..and there were always racers ready and willing to participate! What they will do now is another matter but unless we all wake up quickly the sport will be dead and buried.  Many wrong directions have been taken since its inception in 1961 some worse than others and we all have our opinions…. but the sport survived. Lets hope the new initiative backed by David Sewell and others can help revive it because it damn well deserves too… against the sea one of last true endurance sports!.  If everyone starts pulling together instead infighting it might just do that, if they do not we may as well give in now!

Scale Models

How many of you have often said to yourself ” wish I had a scale model of my boat” or of a certain famous powerboat, well I know its too late for Christmas but take a look at the above site ….then contact Phil and discuss your requirements.

These are solid handcrafted items for display purposes not working models, built to last a lifetime and as you can see highly detailed. If you should be tempted please mention that you saw it first on…..


The model and the real thing