Sonny Levi Trophy

David and Carolynne Sewell were on hand Saturday afternoon to receive the Sonny Levi Trophy for their sterling efforts to keep the sports fans, participants and industry in the know with their excellent publication RACEBOAT INTERNATIONAL. They have been behind many publications over the past 28 years and despite many failures and at personal cost to themselves always bounce back whilst main stream publications now pay scant attention to the powerboat world.               Photo by: Chris Davies

The Trophy is presented to Individuals, Groups or Companies who promote the sport be it modern or historic, behind the scenes and in doing so recognises the genius that is Sonny Levi and all he has endowed to the boating world in general.

                                   The worthy recipiants……

Photo Courtesy  Mike Taylor

FORD EXPRESS, where now?

Your celebrating your 80th birthday and the family are putting together a scrap book for you of a boat you owned…but info is in short supply!

Does anyone please know the whereabouts of FORD EXPRESS Lady Vi’s entry in the ’72 Cowes Torquay and the London Monte Carlo….last seen in the Dauntless Yard Canvey Island and was sold in the 80’s rumoured to maybe have split its hull in a race in 87?

Any info or private pics would be appreciated please send to me and I will forward to family. Thanks, Mike.

Dry Martini

 Dry Martini’s Crew with mascot and the Thunderbolt Trophy             

Picture courtesy of Christian Toll

To top out the fantastic Classic Rally weekend skillfully organised by Paul Hooper and Ben Curtis (more on that later), Dry Martini another famous name from the past took the THUNDERBOLT TROPHY in the Historic Class of the C-T-C….for the second time….. but Cinzano was beaten to second place by Vee Ganjavian  and Gareth Williams in Fury failing to score back to back victories which would have meant scrapping the record books!


Mike Bontoft and Christian Toll passing Portland Bill to take the Thunderbolt Trophy…..

rumour has it that they went to Torquay instead of the ORE STONE just to give the old girl a glimpse of her past victories… was not repeat not navigation error! ……well done guys!!!!

Picture courtesy of Graham Stevens

Cowes 2012 Golden Oldies

Photo courtesy BEN POPHAM

A famous name from the past joins the line up for the C-T-C





The Classic are in safely

Saturday morning after a bumpy ride up from Yarmouth the Classic’s relax.

Levi Shead found.

Good news for fans of Levi designs, the 1965 entry of Don Shead and Sean, Lord Normanton has been found and is available for purchase on E BAY but is in need of a full restoration. The boat was a cut down Viking Corsair which was completed by Souters and powered by 2x 400 hp Ford Interceptors. Driven in the CT by Don Shead she unfortunately retired and vanished only to reappear in the 70’s named Magic Dragon. Lets hope she is restored to the 1965 spec and knowing the build quality of VIKING CHEVERTON and SOUTER it should not be a major problem. More details at…item1c2a361d15

 NB.The advert has now closed lets hope she has found a good home and the new owner contacts us re his plans for this rare one off.

Pictures courtesy of Graham Stephens


Big Moose

The latest hunt for a classic racer centres on John Willment’s 1966 entry the Souter built ,Watson designed ,Big Moose powered by twin Holman Moody Ford’s totalling 980hp. John Willment is of course famous for his involvement with the GT40 Le Mans race winners hence the motive powered used in this giant craft which was one of the largest entries at 44ft overall……despite her size and the fact that this was one the roughest races recorded she failed to finish.

In the 67 race she finished 15th but never appeared again….with her distinctive Watson ragged chine hull and her size someone somewhere must know what happened to her or if she is still in use today. Note the Lucky Horseshoe logo as used on the Gulf GT40’s